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Our grandson was born in your hospital on May 14th at only 33.5 weeks. Before that his Mom, came to your hospital on May 5th after her water broke at about 32 weeks. The entire staff has been nothing short of amazing. On behalf of our entire family, we would like to thank everyone who has helped and cared for mother and baby. We could not ask for them to be more attentive, considerate, or professional. We have been confident from the beginning that they are receiving the best possible care and certainly everyone at Samaritan has proven that the well being of both Mom and Baby is their first priority. May God bless each and everyone and forever hold you in his good graces.
Posted By: Catherine H.
August 6, 2012, my family was camping at Bedford Creek Campground 11 miles away. We were packing up preparing to go home when our friends son came to tell us our son, Sean, just ran into a bike rack mounted on to the back of their camper. He had three facial lacerations. Even as an OR nurse for 20 years, I was not prepared to see this on my 16 year old son. Knowing that he needed attention, I had no idea where to take him or what doctor to see. This was foreign territory to me, as I always knew whar and where to take my children for medical attention. But that is when we are at home. After looking at the hospitals in my GPS, I put my faith in Samaritan Hospital. With a name such as that, how could I go wrong. When I arrived, the triage nurse in the ER told me they did not have plastic service, but Watertown did. Since I work at a small hospital, I know that doesn't always matter. I proceeded to ask her, "Mother to Mother, if this was your child, who would you let stitch your child?" Her response was "any PA here." When we met the PA, he knew I was concerned and asked if we would rather be transferred to plastics at Watertown. That immediately set me at ease. As odd as this may sound, I could sense his confidence in that one statement. His name is David Keys. And the work he did on my sons face was absolutely amazing. I have shown pictures of before and after to so many people and doctors I work with and they are all impressed. His bedside manner was great as well. He set us all at ease. He had us all smiling, even laughing, before we left. My apologies for taking almost a year to write this. Experiences such as this, with people such as you employ, deserve great recognition. Please extend my greatest thanks to him. And please tell him what a great job we feel he did. The scars on Sean's face are barely visible. Samaritan hospital certainly lived up to its name, and I am so glad I put my faith in this hospital. Thank you!

Julie Peacock
Posted By: Julie Peacock
My experience at SMC today was absolutely OUTSTANDING! From the time I signed in with the clerk at Surgical Services, every LPN, RN, Anesthesist, MD, assistants and everyone else I encountered treated me with respect and professionalism. The team was extremely efficient and courteous. SMC's employees have the highest standards and truly deliver quality patient care. Thank you all so much at Surgical Services, Advanced Recovery, and PACU Recovery!
Posted By: Karen E.
I had hip replacement surgery on 3/11 and cannot say enough about the care I got. I had never stayed in a hospital before and was nervous, to say the least. However, the attention I got from your staff made it seem almost like I was on vacation, in a nice hotel. Ralph, Roberta, Danielle, Erin and everyone on the 5th floor went way above and beyond their duties to make my stay an enjoyable one. Thank you, very much!
Posted By: Christopher P.
I had a great experience when I was in the PCU on the 3rd floor...nurses were awesome, aides were awesome, respiratory, anesthesia, housekeeping, and the food all awesome. Thank you so much for making my stay there comfortable.
Posted By: Terre O.
my son was admitted to the hospital peds ward recently for rsv. the nurses were so great and made our stay much more pleasant . any question i had they answered pleasnatly .they were keen and observant .made sure i was comfortable thank you for all you did . my family is grateful
Posted By: sarah
I was in Watertown shopping and having dinner with my son and daughter in law celebrating my sons birthday when i had a sudden onset of pain in my right side. my first thought was my appendix. when the pain intensified i told my husband to take me to the emergency room. upon arrival they immediately attended to me when they saw how severe i was. my check in altogether was less then 5 min. from front desk to a bed, with a nurse putting an iv in my arm for fluids and pain killers . this service continued w/ a cat scan and the information to be finding out i had a kidney stone. they were all wonderful there. i say 2 thumbs up . however i hope i dont have to visit there er again!!!
Posted By: Dorinda Campbell
Gouverneur , NY
Chris Snyder nurse on 4th floor took care of my brother Victor F Amell.Vic was a long term patient and Chris made him feel like he wasn't a bother and his well being was the most important thing even when he was out straight he would just stop to make sure Victor was as compfortable as he could be please tell Chris how much his care for Vic meant to his family if there is a reward for care given Chris deserves it.
sister to patient, dexter ny
Can't say enough good things about how pleased my husband and I are with his experience at SMC. Could have gone anywhere for his very intricate neck surgery, but Dr. Baird (and his team from North Country Orthopedics) made us feel like he not only had the expertise, but a genuine concern for John as a person. The whole SMC staff has been amazing! Thanks to everyone who has helped us through this ordeal with competence, grace and good humor.
Posted By: Michele D.
Our 7 year old daughter was seen at your Clayton office by Dr. Jepma. Suspecting pneumonia, he ordered blood work and chest x-rays.

I felt compelled to let you know how wonderful it was to have the blood tests and x-rays performed on site. I didn't have to bundle her back up, drag her to another facility, wait in a waiting room, further exposing her to possible additional infections. Then impatiently await the results. Within minutes of us leaving her appointment, Dr. Jepma, personally called me to inform me of the test results and asked if we could return for a dose of inject-able antibiotic to "jump start" her recovery. I immediately returned to the office(at lunchtime)greeted by genuinely concerned office staff, quickly taken back for her injections assisted by 4 staff members. Everyone involved from the office staff, the nursing staff, the lab staff and of course the Medical staff, were kind and compassionate. As scary as it could have been to a 7 year old to have blood drawn and x rays, both she and I knew that we were in good hands.

Clearly, the entire staff is kind, compassionate and professional and we just wanted to say "Thank you".
Posted By: Peggy G.

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