Samaritan Medical Center's Pediatric Department provides comprehensive family-centered care in a hospital setting for our local community including the dependents of Fort Drum soldiers. Our unit is comprised of 16 beds located on the fourth floor at Samaritan Medical Center. We provide a locked unit for increased security and safety of our children, as well as an electronic bracelet system. We also have Skype capability to keep families and friends connected. Children in our care are busy recovering by staying close to the families and playing games, such as the PlayStation and Xbox 360.

Our Pediatrics Unit is proudly supported by the Children's Miracle Network and many other local groups that donate new toys and supplies to the children in our care.


Parents and grandparents are welcome to visit anytime during waking hours. One parent or adult designee may stay 24 hours with your child. All other visitors may visit 11 am - 2 pm. We provide a "quiet time" daily from 2 pm - 3 pm. Quiet time allows children and families to be uninterrupted by staff. We encourage parents to participate in their child's care and invite any questions or suggestions you have about your child as you know your child best.

Our Staff

Pediatric Nurses are highly competent and credentialed in pediatric care and assessment. Specific pediatric staff/nurses are identified by the pink badges they wear. Our staffing mix consists of Registered Nurses and Nursing Assistants.

Our Pediatricians (click the link to see a complete listing)

Any child who presents to the emergency department and is admitted who does not have a local pediatrician will be cared for by a designated pediatrician. These pediatricians include Dr. Komar, Dr. Rose-Green, and Dr. Victoria.

Pediatric Clinics

Cystic Fibrosis

Samaritan's accredited Cystic Fibrosis clinic is held once a month, always on a Tuesday, by Dr. Melynne Youngblood from the local Pulmonary Associates in Watertown, NY. Currently the clinic is held in the Registration Area of hospital, please register at Registration. Appointments are required and scheduled through the Dr. Melynne Youngblood's office, Pulmonary Associates, and the number to reach them is 315-786-0254.


The Pediatric Cardiology Clinic is held once a month, always on a Thursday, by Dr. Frank Smith from the Pediatric Cardiology Associates group in Syracuse, NY. The clinics are held in the Registrations area and all patient must visit Registration to register.  Appointments are required and scheduled through the Pediatric Cardiology Associates office. The number to call to make an appointment is 315-214-7700.

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