Boards of Trustees

Samaritan Medical Center and each of its affiliates is governed by separate Boards of Trustees. As a not-for-profit healthcare institution, these volunteer Boards establish the overall vision and strategy for the organizations' future growth.

Our Board of Trustees are:
Samaritan Medical Center
Samaritan Summit Village
Samaritan Keep Home
Samaritan Medical Center Foundation of Northern New York, Inc.
Samaritan Auxiliary

Samaritan Medical Center

Chair - The Reverend Dr. Fred Garry
Vice Chair - Melanie Parker-Geurtsen
Secretary - Jan Turcotte, M.D.
Finance Committee Chair - Alfred Calligaris
Treasurer - Paul Kraeger
Immediated Past Chair - Lisa Weber

Maria Alicea
Paul Carr
Mary Wardwell Donahue
Marie Hess
Michael Kaskan
Robert Kimball, M.D.
Al Maloney, M.D.
COL Matthew Mattner
Ronald Perciaccante, M.D.
Mary Perrine
Catherine Quencer
David Rechlin, D.O.
Kerry Roberge
Robert Seamon
Walter Todd
Joan Treadwell-Woods
LaVerne VanDeWall, D.O.
Martin Yenawine

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Samaritan Summit Village

Joan Treadwell Woods – Chair
Thomas Carman – President and CEO
Addison Vars, III – Vice Chair
Donald Rickett – Secretary
Paul Kraeger – Treasurer
Barbara Morrow – Interim Administrator, Skilled Nursing
Anna Patterson – Administrator, Assisted Living

Collene Alexander
Carolyn Fitzpatrick
Anthony Joseph
Collins Kellogg, Jr., M.D.
Daniel Villa
Peter Walton
Linda Yenawine

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Samaritan Keep Home

Kerry Roberge - President
Thomas Carman – President and CEO
Kevin Kieff – Vice President
Kathleen Gebo – Secretary
Paul Kraeger – Treasurer
Peter Walton – Immediate Past President
Anthony Joseph – Administrator

Martin Clement
Bruce Dines, D.M.D
Jayn Graves
Wendy Grimm
Laurel W. Pike
Samuel Purington
Catherine Quencer
Donald Rickett
Jill Spielmann
Lisa Weber
Joan Treadwell Woods

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Samaritan Medical Center Foundation of Northern New York, Inc.

Marty Yenawine – President
Joan Treadwell Woods – Vice President
Catherine Quencer – Second Vice President
Steven Pierce – Secretary
John Wheeler – Treasurer
Lisa Weber - Immediate Past President
Elizabeth Fipps – VP, Foundation and Community Services

Darrel Aubertine
Pamela Beyor
Richard Brooks
Thomas Carman – Samaritan Medical Center President and CEO (Ex-officio)
Franklin D. Cean
Daniels S. DeBlasio, M.D.
David W. Dodge
Mary Wardwell Donohue
Karl J. Komar, M.D.
Kimberly LaClair
Corry Lawler
Maureen K. Lundy-Way
Michael Miller
Charles J. Moehs M.D.
M. Andrew Short
James Spencer
Patricia I. Tague
Lauren Throop
Addison F. Vars III
T. Urling Walker
Barbara Webber
JoAnn Wheeler

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Samaritan Auxiliary

Renee Waterbury – President
Maria Alicea – Vice President
Christine Cisco– Secretary
Maryann Rondon – Treasurer
Hope Johnston – Assistant Treasurer
Wendy Grimm – Immediate Past President

Rose Busler
Berline Dodard
Erika Flint
Shawna Cutuli
Jennifer Mattner
Marcie Marcolini
Joanne Rhode
Rachel Holmes

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