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I was a patient in the emergency department on 5/31/15. I would like to thank you once again for the outstanding, compassionate care I received. Scott, Jenn, Bruce, Dr. Delaney, Zach, and all those who popped in to check on me. The entire team was awesome. I couldn't have asked for better. Thank you again! All of you!
Posted By: Kelly
I would like to thank you Samaritan medical center for saving my parent's life's.
Posted By: Dustin Kirby
Cheryl's son, Gouverneur,new York
Dustin Kirby@live.com
I recently had to undergo a Biopsy the Staff at the Radiolgy Dept. Especially Nurse Vivian gave me the unbelievable care, My hats off to them...
Posted By: Howard C. Schnettler Jr.
Retired, United States
I have spent alot of time at smc lately and i have to tell you it was very pleasant experience. I spent my time on 4 pavillion where Dannielle L was one of my nurses she took extra time to talk to me and calm me down when i was unsure what i should do and put lotion on my legs and feet to sooth the pain . All off the nurses and na's were great and greated me like an old friend time after time
Posted By: Lucinda Maciejko
Our family would like to express our most sincere thanks for the outstanding care our father received during his recent and unexpected hospitalization. While visiting us from out of state he fell and hit his head. Given his age and how far he was from familiar doctors and caretakers, we were particularly concerned about the nature of the care he would receive at Samaritan Medical Center. In the two weeks of his stay, he was cared for in the emergency room, ICU, physical rehab, PCU, and the fourth floor; each department handled his treatment with the utmost respect and care. Even in his most precarious moments, every staff member talked to him to explain procedures, called him by name, and treated him as an individual.

The staff was just as respectful and caring for our family, explaining our father’s changing condition, treatment options, and providing much needed support. The kindness and courteousness of everyone we encountered at Samaritan Medical helped ensure our last days with our father were comfortable and peaceful, and we are very grateful for the care.
Posted By: Karen T
This was our first time at your facility and I was kinda nervous, my husband was having brain surgery, but everyone was great, ICU staff was tremendous and the service we received was great, can't say anything bad at all, even the people I encountered getting on and off the elevator were very nice and spoke and said hi, so it was a good experience.
Posted By: Susan B.
Hi all, I just wanted to commend the ER staff for their urgent and friendly care. On 11/23/13 my teammates and I were in a scary car crash; no one was hurt but we came to the hospital anyway. The staff was efficient and extremely friendly. All six of us were tested and discharged within three hours (an extraordinary feat for most ERs)and the nurses and doctors could not have been nicer. Thank you for making our day a lot better. Best Regards, Emma (and the rest of the University of Rochester Women's Squash Team)
Posted By: Emma
On 10/22/13 I was admitted to Samaritan Medical Center by Dr. Edwardo Barayuga through the emergency room for treatment of an inflamed gall bladder. I was released from the hospital on 10/26/13, and wanted to provide the following testimony on the care I received while hospitalized. From the moment I arrived in the ER around 1245 hours, I was courteously and quickly seen and processed by the administrative staff. ER nurse Connie was SUPER, as were the other members of the nursing, laboratory, and support teams. By around 1530 hours I was admitted and arrived on 4 pavilion room 4215. From that point forward the care I received from the nursing, housekeeping, and laboratory staff was SUPERIOR in all respects. They all had a smile on their faces and went out of their way each and every day to see to my well-being and comfort. I want to recognize in particular the following members of the nursing team for their efforts;
Nurse Jennifer and Nurse Assistant Candice 10/22
Nurse Judy and Nurse Assistant Tanya 10/22
Nurse Rebeka and Student Nurse Nikki 10/23 Nurse Chastity and Nurse Assistant Bob 10/23-110/24
Nurse Jasmin and Nurse Assistant Sally 10/25
Housekeeping lady who I nicknamed the Swifter Lady
Early morning Laboratory lady from Belleville NY
Member of the admitting staff who came to my room on 10/22 with the “10,000 question form.”
Any additional members I may have left off this list, Thank you all for making an uncomfortable and painful experience less so in all regards. I respect and salute your professionalism and dedication and have no qualms in recommending Samaritan Medical Center as a center of excellence in patient care.
Posted By: James
I visited the Leray urgent care today due to a very nasty chest cold and i was amazed at the friendly helpful welcome i got there.It was my first visit to this location and the receptionist was very helpful and cheerful, i'm sorry that i didnt catch her name because she deserves the credit being attached to her name but if you care to research her name,this happened the morning of Oct 26th at 9am. I was not only pleased with the receptionist but also my nurse and Dr. Neel Shah. i didnt manage to get the nurses name either but the doctor was one of the nicest i have ever visited in the area. he was very professional and checked up on me frequently because i was there for a while doing nebulizer treatments. the Leray urgent care deserves an applause and a nice pat on the back for making me feel like i was truly being taking care of by people who love what they do for a living.
Posted By: R. Reese
I was a patient on the Labor and Delivery/Maternity floor during the week of September 23 to September 27. The experience I had along with my husband and newborn twins was amazing. I was amazed by how well the staff (Dr. Cohen and nurses) worked together to bring my two angels into the world. The delivery was complicated because the first twin flipped at the last second and was born breech. The nurses in the room along with Dr. Cohen remand calm during the stress while at the same time preparing for possible surgery. It turned out that the babies were able to both be born vaginally and entered the world small but healthy. I truly believe that if Dr. Cohen and the nursing staff had not been on during this time period the events that occurred would have been drastically different. The care I received following the delivery was also exceptional. The nurses were compassionate and caring for both me and my twins and gave me the confidence and support that I needed to give the babies what they needed. Thank you again to Dr. Cohen and the nursing staff. I would recommend SMC to any individual planning on having a child. Krista, PJ, Marshall and Payton (The Clarke Family)
Posted By: Krista Clarke

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