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You need to access the correct portal in order to get the right information - many doctors and office have different portals so please see our listing below to get you to the right patient portal and you may have one than one. We have several Samaritan locations, as well as private doctor's office listed below.  Don't see your office or doctor?  Call your provider for more information.  Need help finding the physician office - use our Find a Physician tool.

Samaritan Family Health Centers

Samaritan Specialty Practices


Cape Vincent Dermatology Dr. Kramer
Clayton Ears, Nose and Throat Dr. Rechlin
Lacona Gastroentonology Dr. Sears
LeRay General Surgery Group Dr. Youngblood              
Plaza- Watertown Infectious Disease  
Sackets Harbor Nephrology - Dr. Hongalgi  

Women's Health


A Woman's Perspective LeRay Urgent Care  
Woman to Woman Samaritan's Preoperative Registration Portal (smcsurgery.com) 

If you are looking to pay any Samaritan bill, please use our safe and secure Online Bill Pay option and save the stamp.  This service only applies to Samaritan invoices you have received. 

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